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To get a true sense of Jane’s skill and creativity, just walk in her kitchen at meal time, especially when nothing has been planned for dinner.

She will peruse the fridge’s contents, yank open cupboards, pulling out items with the trained eye of the expert.  And then the fun starts. You watch her size up a protein, mentally concoct the perfect side dishes and accompanying sauce…and you wonder: how can someone have such an instinct?

Everything tastes great in Jane’s kitchen, everything is healthy, and you just feel…cleaner after eating her meals. Wish she’d move back to Chicago.

 – Jim Fischer


Those of us who know Jane know that she is a bright shining star full of positive, loving energy.  

Over the years I have watched Jane focus on the diet and nutrition strategies to help heal her children from the inside out.  In our practice of over 1500 patients on the Autism spectrum, we too have learned that the GI system is intricately connected to normal brain development and function.  In other words “If you heal the gut, you heal the brain”.

Jane has presented the strategies she has implemented to help her own children and many others in our community. Her sensible and real life approach can make the daunting process of changing the diet and improving the physical and mental health of your child relatively painless.  

 – Dr. Anju Iona Usman, MD


Jane, you really are special you know that?  Always thinking of how you can help someone else.

Truly, I mean this, when I have tough days, I think about those and things that lift me up and you are one of those special things.

Keep on being just who you are, and know that you inspire me.  

 – Johna Sommer



As a nurse, I thought I had enough knowledge to know what a healthy diet was, but meeting Jane Casey showed me how much I had to learn. She introduced me to the full possibilities of energetic and spiritual healing that can come from truly good cooking and eating. Jane has become a great friend and teacher to me. Her positive energy is infectious.

 – Sym Cusimano Rankin RN CRNA


I’d first like to start by saying thank you to Jane Casey and her son Alec for this journey. If it wasn’t for Alec I would still be blind to my sons Autism. My son and I were at a park one day and this amazing kid (Alec) comes up to my son and starts to talk to him, and my son wouldn’t respond. Alec asks me, ”He can’t talk?” I said, “No, he has Autism do you know what that is?”

He says “Ya I know what that is, I had that but I was cured.”

That’s how i got the start to my hope… I am still on my journey, and always have room to grow! With the help of God, my family and Jane, I am always learning! I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason. I was supposed to meet Alec to start my journey! God has a plan for all of us!

 – Sydney Barragan


Jane’s electric personality and enthusiasm for food is utterly infectious. She has taught me about the chelating properties of cilantro, and about the importance of forgiveness, because you’re not only working on food, you’re working on yourself. 

Jane is not just a kitchen ninja, she is a life warrior of epic proportions. 

 – Veronica ‘Roni’ Jachowski

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