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About Me

I’m married to an amazing guy named Steve who still makes me laugh after 25-years.  We have 17 year old twin boys who are truly a miracle from our creator and the main reason why I am obsessed with gut health.

Our story:  The boys were born seven weeks premature.  They were developing beautifully until they received vaccines at a “well baby” visit.  Immediately following this visit, one of my sons was rushed to the hospital while the other one lay limp and lethargic in his bed. Steve and I were devastated to say the least.

I cried for years, researched and read numerous medical studies and visited with many doctors to try to find answers and the means to restore our kids.  No one could provide me with a good explanation as to why my kids were perfectly fine in the beginning and then not so following the shots. I felt like I was living in the twilight zone.

In 2004, burned out and exhausted with no other place to go, I turned to God.
I was mad at Him for allowing this to happen to my kids (and hundreds of thousands like them) but knew that if I didn’t surrender and follow His lead, I would stay stuck and my kids simply wouldn’t heal. I’ve learned that healing is spiritual as well as emotional and physical.  One cannot work without the others.

That same year, I read a couple of old books from the early 1900’s on digestive health. Digestive enzymes and Kombucha were prominent topics in these books and that is when the light bulb went off and I learned about the gut/brain connection.

I began successfully fermenting foods shortly thereafter but not without a few failures on the way. After some time (and a few “science” experiments) I finally got it down.  I began cracking open young white coconuts to make homemade coconut kefir, fermented cabbage and beet kvass and then moved on to Kombucha.  I went on to make more and more fermented foods which changed our lives significantly.  Not only were we eating healthy but we also seemed to become calmer in the process.

In 2010 I began using Young Living essential oils which brought additional benefits to our family. The boys’ remaining sensory and behavioral issues dissipated entirely.

In January of this year I began adding vitality essential oils to my ferments with outstanding results. In addition to the numerous healing and health benefits, the oils significantly enhance the flavor and texture of my ferments.

The boys are now 17-years old and I thank God that they no longer have the issues that had plagued them (and Steve and I) for so long.

If you would like to connect with me for some fermenting or essential oil guidance and hope, please email me through the form below!

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